How does the process of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card work?
We have a phone or Zoom interview, you submit the required documents (picture of license, patient intake form), and your certification is granted. After, you then register with your state.
How long after I’m certified can I visit the dispensary?
Each state varies. In NY after you are certified you can download a temporary card and visit the dispensary that day. CT and PA take approximately 2 weeks to issue your temporary card.
Where’s the nearest dispensary to me?

There are many dispensaries all over NY, CT, NJ and PA. Google: “Medical Marijuana dispensaries near (your zip code)” for a list of dispensaries near you.

What if I do not have access to a computer?
Documentation submission and certification can be done over the phone and postal mail service.
Can someone else pick up my product?
Yes. At the time of certification, Dr. Kullman can document that a caregiver is needed. That person will have to register when you register.
How is medical marijuana offered?
You can use inhalation methods, drops of oil under the tongue, or take a pill. The dispensary will also assist you and make recommendations.
How do I know what service is appropriate for me?
Dr. Kullman will take the time to get to know you and your personal needs, situation, and medical history. From there, he will provide his recommendation for a treatment path forward. The ultimate goal is for you to improve your quality of life, which ultimately starts with you being comfortable with the plan.
Why work with Dr. Kullman?
Accessibility. Experience. Empathy.

Dr. Kullman cares about his patients and is dedicated to their overall health and well-being. As such, he makes himself readily available all the time. He understands that life can be really difficult if you don’t feel well, and takes his role of providing comfort and pain relief for his patients very seriously. It is his life’s mission to give the highest level of care through his cutting edge services.